Ethical Principles

As a Social Worker, a veteran, and a human being, I strongly hold onto the principle that all people should be treated with unconditional positive human regard.  None of us chose to be born into this life, and we are clearly the result of the natural environment in which we grew up and the way that we were nurtured by our families and communities.  We all have different belief systems, political and social alignments, and personally held stances on issues, and it is imperative that I respect each and every person I meet whether we have similar beliefs and agree on issues or not.  This is where my personal mission statement comes in:

Human First!



To be human first I follow the ethics and principles listed here as best as humanly possible:

I believe that it is my responsibility and duty to promote the general welfare of all members of our society, from my own community outward to all peoples around the world.

I believe that to act in a principled way means that I will always advocate for the right of all people to live in conditions that, at minimum,  allow them to fulfill their basic human needs.


I further believe that we all have a responsibility to promote the social, political, cultural and individual values that are compatible with everyone’s ability to realize social justice from birth to death.

I take very seriously my responsibility to facilitate informed public participation in the development of all social policy and institutions.


I show love, concern, and give support to others in times of need, especially in emergencies.  This is one of the primary ways in which we validate our relationships with each other.  We must be bound to each other in ways that reduce the risks we create for each other and mitigate the harm that results from our errors in judgement and the resulting actions.


It is imperative that I dedicate myself to social and political action that ensures that all people have equal access to resources, services, employment opportunities, and other benefits that allow each person to meet their basic human needs and live as full of a life as possible.

I will always fight and advocate for changes in policy and legislation to improve the social conditions in which we all live, and  for guaranteed basic human rights.  I will further dedicate myself to the work of the continuous process of improving social conditions and the expansion of human rights.


I will adamantly defend the rights and opportunities of all people with a special focus on those who are oppressed, vulnerable, exploited, or otherwise disadvantaged.  I further promise to never turn away after accomplishing improvement so that the advances are not eroded or taken away.

I have dedicated myself to cultural and social diversity everywhere.  I actively address thoughts of ethnocentrism, bias, prejudice, and discrimination everywhere they occur.  I encourage all others to do the same to help break down the barriers that prevent us from recognizing each other’s humanity.


I believe that we all have the responsibility to prevent and eliminate any action that allows for the domination or exploitation of others.  Further, there is no place for discrimination against any person on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, political belief, religion, immigration status, or mental or physical ability.