There are many pressing issues in our country right now that are centered around people, their health, their safety, their rights, their freedoms, and their general well-being. These issues should be the highest priority for any elected person. 

Below is a list of some of the issues about which Steve believes we should all be concerned.  Included with the issues are some possible solutions or remedies that could be undertaken to correct them.  These issues are not necessarily listed in order of relative urgency; they are all very important issues that need immediate attention.

The problems presented here cannot be resolved by a single member of Congress.  However, with the input, brain storming, and problem solving of an engaged constituency, every one of these issues has a much better chance of being permanently resolved quickly and efficiently.  In professional, policy and evaluation, research, and clinical practice, this is referred to as the best practices approach.  Best practice approaches are procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being the currently accepted correct or most effective way to currently address the problems or challenges we face. With Steve representing and fighting for the people of the 7th Congressional District, the odds are very high that we will achieve our goals.


Healthcare for All

Healthcare is a human right and should be provided to all people from conception to death.  We believe healthcare should include any hospital, convalescent hospital, health maintenance organization, health clinic, nursing home, extended care facility, or other institution devoted to the care of sick, infirm, or aged person.


Income & Wealth Inequality

Income and wealth inequality cause most of the ills in our society, and must be addressed aggressively, thoroughly, and most urgently.  We must have pay equity for women and people of color.  We must have living wages that are tied to inflation.  We must protect our seniors by expanding Social Security benefits.  We must end poverty using best practice approaches. Paid family and medical leave is essential to prevent the destruction of our families' health and well being.  We need to remove incentives for reckless gambling by large financial institutions with penalties and taxes.  White collar criminals must be prosecuted and we have to end the 2-tier justice system.



Fighting for Rights

We must fully recognize the rights of all people.  We all have the responsibility to prevent and eliminate any action that allows for the domination or exploitation of others, including human trafficking.  Further, there is no place for discrimination against any person on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, political belief, religion, immigration status, or mental or physical ability.



Racial Justice

We must recognize that racism, bigotry and hatred exist throughout our culture in both individuals and in the structures of our institutions and businesses. We must educate everyone on the pervasiveness of racism in our country. We must also work diligently to break down all structures and supports for discriminatory practice and policy.

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system is wrought with problems and needs a complete overhaul.  Reform must include the removal of prejudicial sentencing of people of color and re-sentencing of those who have already been the victim of bias in sentencing. There should never be private, for-profit prisons operating in this country.  Non-violent offenders should not have to spend the rest of their lives behind bars.  Children and youth should never be placed in the same system as adults.  Restorative justice practices should be used wherever appropriate.




Ending the War on Drugs, Ending the Opioid Crisis, and Preventing Further Epidemics

The war on drugs has, for generations, been used to oppress people of color and those who would engage in political dissent. We must end this wasteful and destructive war and find ways to implement best practice treatment in all communities.  We must make sure that recent efforts in Washington D.C. to deal with the opioid crisis achieve their goals and are monitored for best practices and implementation at every point.  We must enforce the laws that prevent epidemics and seriously punish manufacturers who exploit the system to benefit from the sale of prescription medications, especially when the medications are addictive. 

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

We must recognize the value of our country’s diverse cultures and population and work to free people from illegal and undetermined statuses. We must quickly create an ongoing comprehensive plan that allows as many people from other nations as practicable to enter the country and contribute to the democratic success of the nation.




Combating Climate Change

We must do everything in our power to address climate change and environmental degradation.  We must have incentives for renewable energy programs.  We should increase and expand recycling availability.  We must increase and fully impose penalties for pollution by companies and use that money to maintain our state and/or national parks.  We need to expand and fund training programs for green tech jobs, especially for ex-coal and oil industry workers.


Fighting for Unions

Labor has, for generations, been the leading force of the progressive movement. We must engage and support labor's efforts to recreate the sense and bonds of community and the community protections that labor championed with strong leadership in the past.



Pre-K-12 & Higher Education

High-quality free education should be elevated to its rightful place as a human right, a core principle, and an urgent priority of our democracy.  We should have free public colleges and universities.  Student loans should be forgiven or traded for time in public service.  We must restructure funding to invest more in struggling districts, and we need to invest more in after school programs for all students.





Election Reform

We must have election reforms which allow each and every citizen to vote without interference of any kind.  There are numerous possible solutions to the ills of the American voting system, including: ranked-choice voting, nonpartisan redistricting, automatic voter registration, voting by mail, designating election day as a holiday, the removal of voter ID requirements, and holding open primaries at all levels.  There are many possible solutions to election issues. We must do whatever it takes to protect our democracy.

Campaign Finance Reform

We must reform the current campaign finance system.  There is far too much dark money in our current campaign finance system.  We must pass a 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United and stop treating corporations like they are people.  We must return the power of governance to the people by putting the rights of individual citizens and the interests of the nation before the privileges of the wealthy, corporations, political parties, and super PACs.



Affordable Housing

Housing is a human right and it is imperative that we house every person in safe and healthy housing.  We must invest and develop best practice housing plans that provide more affordable private homes, public housing, and other living arrangements.  We must end gentrification, and we must form municipal community housing trusts wherever possible.  When increasing housing opportunities, we should also focus on ending homelessness and creating safe living spaces, monitored and supervised by well-paid healthcare professionals where needed.

Veteran Care

We must take better care of veterans and provide each with all of the benefits they have earned and deserve.  We must end delays in the processing of veterans' claims.  We must hire the staff required to reduce backlogs in treatment appointments for both physical and mental health services.  We must prevent the privatization of the VA Healthcare System.  We must expand travel reimbursement to help veterans receive the preventative care and treatment that could positively change their health outcomes.  We have to expand and fully fund access to services outside the VA system for those veterans living great distances from VA facilities.


Military Reform

Our military is primarily supported by people from communities that are depressed, economically disadvantaged, and lack opportunity. We must create a democratic process for service entry to include all members of society in either public or military service for a number of years.


Ending Unnecessary Wars

We must end the United States' engagement in conflicts and wars without clearly exhausting every single other diplomatic effort first. We should never allow our military to be deployed to serve the interests of the wealthy and corporations who would exploit another nation’s sovereignty for the sake of economic gain.


Mental Health

Understanding that a large portion of our population have suffered or will suffer from a mental health condition, we must end the stigma surrounding mental health issues. We must also cease the use of incarceration as a means of providing psychological safety.  We must increase funding for community based mental health treatment.  We must substantially increase the pay of mental healthcare workers.  We must better support families dealing with mental health issues.






Opposition to Bad Trade Deals

While recognizing the economic importance of international trade, we must engage in trade deals that protect all people affected by the deals. We must ensure that human rights are not violated and that people of all nations are not exploited.